Human Resources (HR)

People are the heart of a business.
All departments play a vital role toward the success of a business but without HR, there wouldn’t be departments or employees! However, the Human Resources team is responsible for much more than finding and recruiting the best talent…
HR professionals are skilled in a variety of tasks and adapt themselves to the situation as necessary to find the best solution for the company.

what do we do?

In the Leadtech HR team, we’re enthusiastic about employment, practical about performance and talented in training.

Our objectives go beyond simply hiring employees to fill roles. We put maximum effort into finding the most suitable candidates for each and every position by understanding the needs of our teams and our development goals.

We propose and implement initiatives and benefits, manage payroll, have a firm understanding of HR policies and help our colleagues to grow with career development opportunities.

what do we use?

We’re all about humans, but we do get a helping hand from technology to carry out some of our day-to-day tasks. The Human Resource programs we use include:

why join the Leadtech HR team?

Are you a people-person? Passionate about constructing company cultures and aiding in business development?

Our HR team works diligently with all areas of Leadtech to create a welcoming and energetic environment, where employees feel comfortable and satisfied. By constantly improving working conditions and helping all employees get the most out of their work, Leadtech’s HR department is a winning place to boost your career.

Here are some of the amazing perks of working in the Leadtech HR team:
  • Flexible timetable
  • Barceloneta district, close to the beach
  • Happy Fridays and team events
  • Tickets Restaurant
  • Fresh fruit and coffee
  • Game room and terrace

what else do we do?

We analyze, we socialize, we write, we code, we design, we calculate, we decide, we collaborate, we generate, we engage, we program, we create… The real question is what don’t we do?!
job offers

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