The Internet exists and works thanks to us! Simple.
At the very core of Leadtech, we provide the necessary technology and administer systems for Leadtech to be able to function as an online project management front runner.

what do we do?

But what does it all mean, you ask? As well as resolving issues and maintaining a whole network of online projects active and stable, these are some of our favorite tasks:

  • We design the architecture for services on Amazon.
  • We set up the security systems in our production services and offices.
  • We assist internal clients.
  • We configure services like nginx, php-fpm, mysql/postgresql, redis, etc.
  • To sum up, we are the Dungeon Masters!

our toybox

How do we make the magic happen? Our main toys are Linux/BSD/*NIX systems with a little from the house of Redmon:

why join the Leadtech Systems team?

As well as our endless list of incredible software, we’ve also got the best in must-have office hardware: foosball, ping pong, a nintendo Switch, a ball pool, mini golf… Our team welcomes anyone up for the challenge of playing against the best.

Not to mention the free food and excellent working environment, all games aside!

Here are some of the amazing perks of working in the Leadtech Systems team:
  • Flexible timetable
  • Barceloneta district, close to the beach
  • Happy Fridays and team events
  • Tickets Restaurant
  • Fresh fruit and coffee
  • Game room and terrace

what else do we do?

We analyze, we socialize, we write, we code, we design, we calculate, we decide, we collaborate, we generate, we engage, we program, we create… The real question is what don’t we do?!
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