User Experience (UX)

Understanding — empathizing — with the user is key to designing a product that they will choose, even in a saturated market.
It’s no coincidence that one of the most important feats of design is also one of the most difficult.

what do we do?

The UX team is made of a group of passionate like-minded creative individuals who strive to produce world class experiences at every stage of the design process.

Our work aims at keeping our product-development efforts on the right track in harmony with true user needs and not imaginary ones.

what do we use?

We have access to almost every UX tool available. The methods and tools we use are tailor-made to fit each unique project.

From BI to backend, we involve all the in-house departments at every stage of our creative process to produce high quality products.

Here are some of the tools we like to use:

why join the Leadtech UX team?

You will meet extremely talented teams and work on amazing projects. You will create future experiences that will range from global mobile OS's to websites and more.

Here are some of the amazing perks of working in the Leadtech UX team:
  • Flexible timetable
  • Barceloneta district, close to the beach
  • Happy Fridays and team events
  • Tickets Restaurant
  • Fresh fruit and coffee
  • Game room and terrace

what else do we do?

We analyze, we socialize, we write, we code, we design, we calculate, we decide, we collaborate, we generate, we engage, we program, we create… The real question is what don’t we do?!
job offers

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