Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Making sure that our pages reach first place in Google, Yandex and Baidú rankings is our job. Simple, right?
Well, it’s not always that simple... But you already know that! However, if you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from a challenge, despite being in another language, Leadtech is the company for you and we’re your team!

what do we do?

Our SEO team is composed of a bunch of Google Lovers that dedicate their time and efforts to:

  • Finding the best keywords for our sites and create websites structures. Sorry, nothing really fancy here, but still, the best SEO work.
  • We work in 13 languages. Yes! We work with Google but also with Baidú, Yandex, Naver… Just name it, we'll probably will have to investigate how to submit a sitemap there! :D
  • We work closely with other teams, especially our wonderful copywriters who bring even the most unattractive keywords to life.
  • We keep ourselves updated on all the latest Google and any other search engine trends.
  • We participate in project decisions and make them work organically.

what do we use?

We have access to almost every SEO tool that is worth having it. Furthermore, we have inhouse Copywriting and Frontend departments (the dream team for a SEO department).

Here are some of the tools we use:

why join the Leadtech SEO team?

“We’re the only department in the company who dress up as a group! We always win the costume competitions. If you’re not afraid of Google, you won’t be of our fancy dress ideas either.”

Here are some of the amazing perks of working in the Leadtech SEO team:
  • Flexible timetable
  • Barceloneta district, close to the beach
  • Happy Fridays and team events
  • Tickets Restaurant
  • Fresh fruit and coffee
  • Game room and terrace

what else do we do?

We analyze, we socialize, we write, we code, we design, we calculate, we decide, we collaborate, we generate, we engage, we program, we create… The real question is what don’t we do?!
job offers

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